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Underground Profit System Review and Bonus

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Internet Marketing Newbies often ask me these questions:

What internet marketing business model would you choose if you had to start from scratch?

What is the fastest way to make money online?

What is the answer?

If I had to start from scratch I’d focus on one online business model that is easy to setup, requires a small up front investment and can be scaled up step-by-step once you it starts to make money.

The system would require:

  • a simple website pre-selling a product as an affiliate
  • an authority blog with great tips and articles
  • a traffic system that sends a flood of high quality traffic
  • capturing email addresses from visitors
  • an email follow up system to build a relationship with prospects

These are all the components required to build a successful online business.

Ok Andy, this sounds great, but what are the detailed steps to build this type of online business model?

Fortunately this is exactly what the 8 DVDs from James Schramko’s Underground Profit System reveal:

  • A unique approach to Market and Keyword Research Techniques
  • How to create Audios, Videos and PDF Contents and products instantly
  • How to create highly optimized web sites in just minutes
  • What domain names to register and how to get cheap and reliable hosting
  • A secret technique to convert browsers into buyers
  • How to generate mass traffic that can melt your sever
  • Advanced Profit Tactics no other marketer even dares reveal

These techniques – lots of them which I haven’t seen any other marketers teach – were revealed at one of the rare Underground Profit System workshops, where people payed $5000 to attend. Only 105 students had access to this secret information.

Who is James Schramko?

James Schramko is in my opinion one of the top Internet Marketers in the world. Unlike many of the IM gurus he really wants to help people succeed. Just do a test and send an email to any of the IM gurus and see if you get a response with 48 hours. James answers questions personally, normally within 24 hours and provides useful tips. That’s very rare in this business!

James is a powerhouse and one of the smartest marketers I’ve ever met. He’s able to simplify complex processes and put them into effective and automated systems.

Here’s a photo where James and I met in London:





A little secret

I had the luck to be one of James’ first coaching students in 2008. It was an amazing experience and was a turning point in my Internet Marketing career. Having bought many IM courses and taken coaching from different marketers before I never met anybody else in this industry that comes close to James.  He really cares and wants to help you succeed. And another important difference to other marketers: he teaches proven systems that he personally developed and implemented.

Who can benefits from Underground Profit System?

It’s perfect for Newbies who want to learn how to make money online fast and save a lot of time. It took James two and a half years to develop his proven money making online system. Can you learn these techniques yourself? You might be able to teach these techniques yourself if you are very smart and have connection to top marketers like James had. But it will take you a lot of time!

How about advanced marketers? There are many techniques covered in the DVD that I haven’t seen any other marketers speaking about. One technique shows how to get top Google rankings in days for a website that is built in ten minutes. I used the extact same strategy with a Clickbank product (although James doesn’t recommend promoting Clickbank products ;-) ) and here are my results:


This is just one technique you’ll learn that can be implemented within minutes.



Final Conclusion

No matter if you are just starting out in the online marketing world or if you are an experienced marketer the Underground Profit System gets my highest recommendation.

James will only sell 50 DVD sets and when I checked the last time there were only 19 copies left.

Click here to secure one of the remaining copies




Special Bonus:

People who get one of the remaining UGPS DVD sets will get two months free access to SuperFastResults.com, the top Internet Marketing coaching forum. You can ask any questions you have about the Underground Profit System course or Internet Marketing in general. And you’ll get access to tons of secret strategies and proven online business models. This is a private closed to the public forum. Membership is currently not for sale to the public.


Click here to secure your DVDs and get exclusive access to SuperFastResults



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  1. Justyna says:

    Hi Andy,

    I have done Underground Profit System course by James and now I am his forum member as well:) I find the stuff James teaches incredibly valuable, as he is not only an expert in his niche but also friendly, open-minded and loves to share what he knows, revealing sneaky tips;)

    Thanks for your nice review.


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