Traffic Grab Review – Do you make these mistakes?

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Getting targeted traffic is something a lot of Affiliate and Internet Marketers struggle with.
They often rely on a single source of traffic like Google search traffic or Adwords.

This is a big mistake many marketers had to learn the hard way. First their Adwords account
got shut down and a few weeks ago Google wiped out Article marketers with their Panda update.

It is a BIG mistake to rely just on one traffic source. You need to diversify
your traffic sources like a well diversified stock portfolio.

Here are a few traffic sources I personally use:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • CPV
  • Media Buys
  • Video traffic
  • Traffic from Social Media like Facebook

How can you learn getting traffic from all these different sources? Until now you had to buy expensive courses for almost each different type of traffic.

But there’s good news: My friend James Schramko created a new Video Course called TrafficGrab where he shows all the different traffic sources he used to create more than one million dollars a year.

What traffic sources are covered in TrafficGrab?

Customers get access to over 20 videos with over 8 hours of training covering the following topics:

  • Research
  • Content Preparation
  • Site structure
  • Article Traffic
  • web 2.0 + PDF Traffic
  • Video Traffic
  • Affiliate Traffic
  • Bookmark Traffic
  • Press Release Traffic
  • Blog Traffic
  • RSS Traffic
  • Facebook Traffic
  • List Traffic
  • Twitter Traffic
  • PPC Traffic
  • CPV Traffic
  • Forum Traffic
  • Ezine Traffic
  • Media Buys Traffic
  • Podcast Traffic
  • Classifieds Traffic
  • Word Of Mouth Traffic
  • Ping Traffic

That’s quite a big list of traffic sources!! Each traffic method is shown step-by-step in a high quality video.

Are there any negative points?

There are over 8 hours of Video content which is pretty big to absorb and may overwhelm some people who want to watch the videos in one go.

I recommend that you put aside 1 hour per day and watch the video. Take notes and make an action list how you can integrate the technique
into your current business model


I had early access to James’ new TrafficGrab course and have been blown away by all the traffic techniques James gives away. He is not holding back anything.

He asked me what I would charge for the over 20 training modules… My answer was that the course would easily sell for $497 based on all the techniques he shares. When he told me that the course will be offered for less than $100 I thought he was kidding…

TrafficGrab is more than just traffic, it also covers research techniques to find hot markets that sell and shows how you to prepare the content so it can be used for multiple purposes like podcasts, videos, articles etc.

In the bonus section you will also find a Hiring Tutorial video where James’ reveals his techniques on finding good outsourcers (he has built a team of over 15 highly motivated and talented people from the Philippines – he calls them Ninjapinos :) , I had the pleasure to work with some of them on a joint project with James and they are awesome).

Here are the other bonuses:

  • Spinning tutorial
  • RSS Mashups tutorial
  • Google Analytics Codes
  • Conversions Module
  • Leverage Module
  • 30 Days access to SuperFastResults (a $97 value, new members only), where you get personal support

I highly recommend TrafficGrab for any level of Internet Marketers, it is the only Traffic Guide you’ll ever need to
get a ton of traffic to your websites and offers. And it is better than all $997 or $1997 course I’ve ever bought.

Special Launch Discount

You can get TrafficGrab at the special introduction price of $79.95 with all the bonuses listed above during the launch which starts at April 15.

Click Here To Watch The Traffic Grab Videos 1-3
And To Secure Your Access At The Lowest Price Ever

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