How to create Google Image Ads with high CTRs

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The Google content network is a huge traffic source (although the “gurus” told us the opposite for many years). But most marketers don’t use its full potential – they only use text ads. You are missing out if you don’t use image ads, it is the secret for getting cheap clicks and big traffic volumes!

Good image ads get much higher CTRs (Click Through Rate) than text ads which means cheaper bid prices. I run campaigns for as low as 4 or 5 cents bid prices in very competitive markets.

How to create image ads?

There are 8 different image ad formats and it can sometimes be a little tricky to create them if you are not a designer. I use a software called Snagit to create my basic ads, they often look a little ugly but still get good CTRs (up to 5%). Here are banner sizes:









I personally get the best results for the rectangles (300×250, 336×280).

Today I found a Banner Ad Wizard Software which automates the whole image ad creating process. And the software is given away for free during the launch of a new traffic course. I tested the software today and it is really good. The banner ad wizard leads you step-by-step through the image creation process. It can even create dynamic (animated gif or flash) ads which often get higher CTRs (and lower bid prices).

You can get the Image Ads Wizard Software here ( it requires your email address and is only available during the launch)


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